Asked Oct 28, 2019
Which of the following would increase flow?

Vasoconstriction of the artery
An increase in blood viscosity
An increase in resistance
An increase in stroke volume

Expert Answer

Step 1

Blood flow is defined as the movement of blood through an organ, tissue or a vessel. The contraction of ventricles induces the flow of blood through major arteries and thus the blood flows from region of higher pressure to the regions of lower pressure.

Step 2

An increase in stroke volume increase the flow of blood. Stroke volume is defined as the amount of blood pumped by left ventricle in every beat. This can apply for both the ventricle present in the heart.

Increase in the stroke volume lowers the heart rate resulting in prolonged diastole of ventricles and increased volume of blood at the end of diastole. Ultimately, more volume of blood is ejaculated from the blood thus increasing the blood flow.

Step 3

Vasoconstriction is defined as the reducing the diameter of blood vessels by contraction of its walls. Constriction in the blood vessels or arteries decreases the flow of blood and thus increases the vascular resistance.

Blood viscosity is defined as the th...

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