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Which of these is not true about enzymes?

A. Most of them are proteins

B. Are changed at the end of the reaction

C. Can only speed up the rate of the reaction

D. Very specific in function

E. Work better in specific medium


Expert Answer

Step 1

The enzymes are biomolecules that catalyses the metabolic reactions. The molecules that react with the enzymes are called as substrate. The enzyme consists of active site to which the substrate molecule binds that leads to the formation of product molecules. Examples: transferase, hydrolase, isomerase, oxidoreductase etc.

Step 2

Correct answer: The statement that is not true about the enzyme is ‘Are changed at the end of the reaction’

Reason for correct answer:

Option.B is given as ‘Are changed at the end of the reaction’

The enzyme molecules catalyses the conversion of substrate into product molecules. When the substrate molecule binds to the active site, it just induces the conformational change in the enzyme molecules that finally resu...

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