Asked Feb 27, 2019

I have a Python question and I cannot seem to figure out how to answer this problem exactly (I've attached an example of what the answer should look like-- the picture is to a different problem) :

1. What will be displayed when the following pseudocode is implemented?

  • set the variable equal to 0
  • repeat the following steps as long as N is less than 4
    • display 2 to the power N
    • set N equal to N + 1
  • display 2 to the power (N + 1) 
while Example #2
while N< 10:
print (N* *2)
while example

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while Example #2 N=1 while N< 10: print (N* *2) N=N+3 1 16 49 while example


Expert Answer


To print the power of 2 you have to use a  power function  "pow(2,N) " .

It is inbuild function and you can use it with loading  python   "math"  ...


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