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why does adding HNO3 to the solution [Ag(NH3)2]+ make AgCl precipitate? where does the chloride come from


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  1. If the solution contains a lewis base then the solubility of an ionic will increase drastically.
  2. ...
AgCl (s) 글 Ag, (aq) + Cr (aq)
Ag (aq)2 NH (aq) =# [Ag(NHi);]* (aq)
AgCI (s)+2 NH (aq)= (Ag(NH;);]* (aq) + CF (aq)

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AgCl (s) 글 Ag, (aq) + Cr (aq) Ag (aq)2 NH (aq) =# [Ag(NHi);]* (aq) AgCI (s)+2 NH (aq)= (Ag(NH;);]* (aq) + CF (aq)


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