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why is it important to both purge the bomb and refill it with o2 at high pressure



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Step 1

Bomb calorimeter is used to accurately determine the heat of combustion.  In bomb calo...

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A: The activation energy for the reaction with given line graph is determined by using equation -Ea= sl...


Q: Calculate the volume of 0.0712 mol of bromoform (CHBr3; d=2.89 g/mL).

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A: Chemical reaction between NaHCO3 and HCl is given by:


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A: Given,Mass of CaCl2 = 30.8 gMass of XCl = 79.6 gMoles of CaCl2 can be calculated as:


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A: Hydroxide is an anion.


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A: AgNO3 reacts with NaCl forming AgCl (white color) whereas AgNO3 reacts with NaI to form AgI (bright ...