Asked Jan 11, 2020

Will you prefer steel or copper to manufacture a spring?


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Step 1

A spring with large restoring force is the most preferred. The r...

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Mechanical Properties of Matter

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Q: Why does a satellite need no fuel to move round a planet in a fixed orbit?

A: Any object needs centripetal acceleration to keep itself in circular motion.


Q: Does the linear velocity of a planet remain constant in orbit?

A: Step 1:Planets ( the ones in the solar system) revolve around the sun in elliptical orbits with the ...


Q: If gravitation is the power by which all bodies tend to move towards each other , then why do all bo...

A: Gravitation is the power by which all the bodies attract towards each other. On Earth, all the bodie...


Q: Why does hydrogen escape from Earth's atmosphere more readily than oxygen?

A: The expression for the rms velocity,


Q: If m is the mass of a body and E is its kinetic energy then what is its linear momentum?

A: The equation for the kinetic energy is given by,


Q: If the value of g changes how does it affect the path of projectile?

A: The gravity affects only the vertical component of velocity.


Q: What is an ideal liquid?

A: An ideal fluid is a fluid that has several properties including the fact that it is:  Incompressible...


Q: Does the direction of acceleration change during the flight of a projectile?

A: There is the acceleration of the projectile in the vertical direction, but no acceleration in the ho...


Q: Distinguish between Young's modulus, bulk modulus and the modulus of rigidity.

A: Step 1Young’s modulus, bulk modulus and the modulus of rigidity, all are measuring different quantit...