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With one method of a procedure called acceptance sampling, a sample of items is randomly selected without replacement and the entire batch is accepted if every item in the sample is okay. The ABC Electronics Company has just manufactured 1350 write-rewrite CDs, and 80 are defective. If 3 of these CDs are randomly selected for testing, what is the probability that the entire batch will be accepted?

Rounded to four decimal place accuracy.


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Step 1

Here, an entire batch of CDs are accepted only if all 3 selected CDs are not defective.

Step 2

For first CD, prob. of not being defective = (1350-80)/1350 = 1270/1350.

Step 3

Since the random selection occurs without replacement, assuming that the first CD is not defective, there are now only 1270 -1 = 1269 CDs which are not defective. Hence the probability that 2nd CD selected is not defective is ...

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