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Would the following reaction would occur spontaneously:  Answer with Yes or No.

C: Au (metal) + CuSO4 --> Cu (s) + AuSO4 

B: PbO + Al → Pb + AlO 

A: 2Na + CaSO4 --> Ca (s) + Na2SO4 


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Step 1

The reduction potentials of metals are compared with each other’s to get the reaction can occur or not occur.

The more positive reduction potential containing metal act as an oxidizing agent so finally itself gets reduced.

The more negative reduction potential containing metal act as a reducing agent so finally itself gets oxidized.

The reduction potentials are,


Image Transcriptionclose

Cа+2е — Ca Eo -2.76 V Na te Na A1+3e Pb2+2e Eo -2.71V >Al Eo -1.66 V >Pb E0.13 V Cu2+2e Cu E 0.34 V Au+3e >Au E°=1.50 V

Step 2

Reaction (C ) ,

Cu has less positive reduction potential than Au so the given reaction does not takes place spontaneously.

Reaction (B):

Pb has more positive reduction potential than Al so the ...

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