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  1. Write a program that takes four int command-line arguments w, x, y, and z. Define a boolean variable whose value is true if the four values are either in strictly ascending order (w < x < y < z) or strictly descending order (w > x > y > z), and false otherwise. Then, display the boolean variable value.
  1. NOTE 1: Do not use if statements on this program.
  2. NOTE 2: Assume that the inputs will always be integers.

Expert Answer

Step 1

Program Design

The program receives 4 integers at command prompt and ascertains if the numbers are in strict ascending or descending order in an expression built with a combination or logical and relational operators. The result of the expression is printed out.

Step 2



import java.util.Scanner;

class OrderCheck{

                public static void main(String args[]){

                                //prompt user for input

                                System.out.println("Enter four numbers below");

                                //declare scanner variable to receive command line inputs

                                Scanner in = new Scanner(;

                                //read the inputs into int variables

                                int w = in.nextInt();

                                int x = in.nextInt();


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