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Write an equation for the reaction of CH2=CHCH2CH3 with each of the following  reagents:

a. H2O, H+

b. KMnO4, OH-

c. Oxygen (Combustion) 

Can you write it out please and thank you 



Expert Answer

Step 1

A chemical reaction is symbolic representation of the conversion of substances to new substances.

In a chemical reaction; the substance which involves in conversion is said to be reactant whereas the newly formed substance is called as product. Both reactant and products must be separated by arrow.

Step 2

Alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbon with C=C bonds in the parent chain of the compound. Due to this unsaturation, they tend to give the addition reactions in which the substituent is added on double bonded C atoms and the pi bond will break.  

Step 3

Addition of H2O, H+ will add H and OH at C=C of 1-butene. This reaction follows Markovnikov rule and forms 2-butanol as the final product. It is calle...


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Н+ эсH, СH, СH(ОH)CH, CH, CH,СH-CH,+ НОН 2 2 1-butene 2-butanol


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