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Write an expression using membership operators that prints "Special number" if special_num is one of the special numbers stored in the list special_list = [-99, 0, or 44].


Expert Answer

Step 1

Python Program:

#Declare and initialize the variable

special_list = [-99, 0, 44]

#Prompt the user to give input

special_num = int(input("Enter special number: "))

#If condition to check whether the given input is in the list or not

if special_num in special_list:

  #Display the statement if the special

  #number is there in the special list.

  print("Special number")


  #Display the statement if the special

  #number is not there in the special list.

  print("Not special number")

Step 2

Output #1:

Enter special number: 44

Special number

Output #2:

Enter special numb...

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