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Write balanced equation for the following reaction in acidic solution:

I-(aq) + IO3(aq) =====> I3(aq)


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Step 1

A Redox reaction leads to oxidation and reduction processes simultaneously. Oxidation and reduction reactions are the processes involved loss or gain electron.

Oxidation is the process that involved the loss of electrons and oxidized to cation whereas reduction is the process that involved the gain of electrons and reduced to anion.

Step 2

Hence when a molecule loses an electron, that molecule is said to be oxidized whereas when a molecule gains an electron, that molecule is said to be reduced.  

The oxidized substances is called as reducing agent whereas the reduced substance is called as oxidizing agent.

Step 3

Follow the steps for balancing the equation:

  1. Separate the...

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-0.33 Oxidation | →13 -0.33 Reduction T03 → 13 +5-2


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