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write e, m, n, and b each letter as it would appear under the microscope.


write e, m, n, and b each letter as it would appear under the microscope.

Step 1

Light microscope indicates any type of microscope that utilizes visible light to visualize specimens. Several kinds of light microscopes are available, including dark-field, bright-field, differential interference contrast, fluorescence, and phase-contrast. A compound light microscope possesses a series of lenses and its source of illumination is visible light. With the help of the lenses, a clear, focused image that is several times bigger than the actual specimen is formed.

Step 2

Objective lenses are the main lenses, which magnify the actual specimen. Objective lenses used in most of the microscope are 100× (oil immersion), 40× (high power), and 10× (low power).       ...

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