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Write the cell notation for an electrochemical cell consisting of an anode where Cr2+ (aq) is oxidized to Cr3+ (aq) at a platinum electrode and a cathode where Sn2+ (aq) is reduced to Sn (s) . Assume all aqueous solutions have a concentration of 1 mol/L and gases have a pressure of 1 bar.


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Step 1

In the standard cell notation, the single vertical line represents the phase boundary and the double vertical lines represent the salt bridge, the anode half-cell is described to the left of the double line and the cathode half-cell to its right.

When both, the oxidized and the reduced, forms of the half-cell are soluble and cannot be used as an electrode, an inert electrode is used.

Step 2

Oxidation takes place at the anode whereas reduction takes place at the cathode. The half-cell reactions that take place at the cathode are shown in equation (1) and the ones that take place at the anode are shown in equation (2).

Step 3

The given electrochemical cell is made using an anode composed of a platinum electrode dipped into a solution containing Cr2+ and Cr3+ ions, and a cathode composed of a tin electrode dipped into a solution containing Sn2+. The overall cell re...


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