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write the electron configuration for Na


write the electron configuration for Na

Step 1

Electron configuration:  The complete description of the atomic orbitals occupied by all the ...

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Inorganic Chemistry

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Q: Are two atoms of the same element identical ?

A: Element are pure substance and cannot be break down into other substance by any means that is chemic...


Q: If 0.525 g of Fe2O3.xH2O are heated and 0.408 g of Fe2O3 are obtained, what is the value of x?

A: Weight lose can be calculated as,Heating will remove the water of hydration so the difference in mas...


Q: The equilibrium constant, Kp, for the following reaction is 0.215 at 673 K.NH4I(s) NH3(g) + HI(g)If ...

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Q: Most fertilizers consist of nitrogen-containing compounds such as NH3, CO(NH2)2, NH4NO3, and (NH4)2S...

A: Formula to calculate % composition:Mass % of element = mass of the element on the given formula / mo...


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A: In the titration process, the relationship between concentrations and volumes of solutions are given...


Q: How many silver atoms are there in 3.84g of silver?

A: 1 mole of any substance contains 6.023×1023 atoms.1 moles of silver atoms weigh 107.87 g.


Q: Determine the wavelength of the line in the hydrogen atomic emmission spectrum corrsponding to the n...

A: Given:Higher energy state (ni) = 4.Lower energy state (nf) = 3.


Q: Which of the following are mixtures? water (H2O) air (mostly N2 and O2) salt water salt (NaCl)

A: Combination of two or more elements through chemical bond in a specific proportion is known as compo...


Q: Consider The Following Reaction M Inbox (208) - eleganceextreme1 X x + eX 657571&snapshotld-13245488...

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