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Write the Net-Ionic Reaction for the following. 

1) KBr + I2 =

2) KI + Br2 = 

3) FeCl3 + KBr = 

4) FeCl3 + KI = 

5) Br2 + Cu 

6) I+ Cu = 


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(1) Balanced equation : 2KBr +I2 -> 2KI+Br2 Complete ionic equation: 2K +2Br +I, >2K 21 +Br Net ionic equation: 2Br I -> 21 + Br (2) Balanced equation : 2KI+Br2KBr +I Complete ionic equation: 2K 21 Br 2K+2Br +I Net ionic equation: 21 + Br, -»2Br + I,


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