Write y=-1/3x^2+4/3x-7/3 in the form (x-h)^2=c(y-k)


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A: Since you have posted multiple questions, as per our policy we will answer first question. Please re...

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Q: Solve, thanks!

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A: Revise this before doing the question:

Q: I need a solution

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A: f(x)=x-72.  

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A: Given 3x2+5xy2+2y4  We have to factorize it.

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A: We have  fx=x2+3x−1tanx Now Differentiate w.r.t "x"  Using Quotient Rule    

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Q: 16-19. Working with vector-valued functions For each vector-valued function r, carry out the followi...

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Q: y = sech 0 (1- In sech 0)

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Q: section 13.5 question 13

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Q: How do I evaluate this limit?

A: To find limh→0x+h3-x3h

Q: Factor each expression. (a)4x2 -25

A: 4x2-25

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A: Consider the given function: Here the objective is to determine the coordinate of vertices of the f...