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Write your answer in the p +- e notation.

A study found that out of 39,700 drivers that went through a traffic intersection, 794 ran a red light. Construct a 90% confidence interval to estimate the proportion of people who ran the light.

We will use estimation using confidence intervals. This time we will be using estimation of proportion.

x ____________

n ____________

p hat ___________

C-level ___________


Expert Answer

Step 1

Let X denotes the number of drivers ran a red light.



Image Transcriptionclose

That is. X 794

Step 2

The total number of drivers went through a traffic intersection is 39,700.


Image Transcriptionclose

That is, n 39,700

Step 3

The sample proportion can be obtained as follows:

Thus, th...


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х п 794 39,700 0.02


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