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A car initially traveling
eastward turns north by traveling
in a circular path at
uniform speed as shown in
Figure P7.15. The length of the arc ABC is 235 m, and the car completes the turn in 36.0 s.
(a) Determine the car’s speed. (b) What is the magnitude and
direction of the acceleration when the car is at point B?

- X
Figure P7.15

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- X 35.0° Figure P7.15


Expert Answer

Step 1


            Distance, d = 235m

            Time, t = 36.0s

Step 2


The speed of the car is


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speed, t 235m 36.0s = 6.53m/s

Step 3


The distance travelled is one-fourth the circumference of ...


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23 5m 235m 2(235m) =149.6m


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