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Solve nonlinear equation and graph



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Step 1

x + y + 1=0

hence, y = - (x + 1)

Step 2

Let substitute for y in terms of x in the second equation:

x+ y+ 6y - x = -5

Or, x+ [-(x + 1)]+ 6[-(x + 1)] - x = -5

Or, x+ x+ 2x + 1 - 6x - 6 - x = -5

Or, 2x - 5x - 5 = -5

Or, 2x - 5x = 0

Step 3

Hence, x(2x - 5) = 0

hence, x = 0 or x = 5/2

Hence, y = - (x + 1) = -1 or -(5/2 + 1...

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