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You are asked to construct a mobile with four equal m = 185 kg masses, and three light rods of negligible mass and equal lengths. The rods are of length 55 cm.

(a) At what location on the level 1 rod should the free end of rod 2 be attached?
L1 =   

(b) At what location on the level 2 rod should the free end of rod 3 be attached?
L2 =   

(c) At what location on the level 3 rod should the whole assembly be suspended from so that the mobile is in equilibrium?
L3 = 

Expert Answer

Step 1

Consider the figure given below.

Step 2


(a)The forces acting on level 1 is shown in figure 2.


Step 3

From figure 2, the end of level 2 can be attached a...


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