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You must estimate the mean temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) with the following sample temperatures:

28.9 14.3 34.2 35.2 42.7 41.3 39.7 44.2 26.8 36.2 20.4 34.6

Find the 99% confidence interval. Enter your answer as an open-interval (i.e., parentheses) accurate to 3 decimal places. Assume the data is from a normally distributed population.


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Step 1

The sample mean (point estimate for the population mean) is calculated as follows:


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Sum of the observations Mean Number of observati ons 28.9 14.3+34.6 12 398.5 12 33.21

Step 2

The sample standard deviation is calculated as follows:


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12 Σ&-3) (28.9 - 33.21)++(34.6-33.21) 12 8.735

Step 3

Sample mean = 33.21.

Sample standard deviation, s is 8.735.

The sample size, n is 12.

The t-critical value for 99% confidence interval...


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CI xtt 8.735 33.2113.106 v12 33.21+7.832 (41.042, 25.378)


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