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You need to prepare medium for your culture cells. Your salt solution is supplied at a 10X concentration but needs to be 2X for use. You also need to add fetal bovine serum for a final concentration of 8%. What would you add of each for the correct final concentrations in 5 L of media?


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Step 1

The question asks to find the final concentrations of the following in 5 L of media:

  1. The salt solution
  2. The fetal bovine serum
Step 2

Given data is placed on the board:


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For 5liters: Given concentration of Salt 10x FBS 100% Final concentration of Salt 2x FBS 8%

Step 3

Fetal bovine serum or FBS is defined as a by-product of the dairy production. It is made from dairy cattle blood that is collected at the slaughterhouses that delivers meat for human consumption. FBS is usually a majority of a...


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For 1 Litre: Concentration from 10x to 2x =200 mL salt +800mL culture =1000 mL For 5 Litres: Concentration from 10x to 2x = 5x(200 mL salt +800mL culture) =1000 mL salt +4000 mL culture = 5000 mL


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