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You placed 6.35 g of a mixture containing unknown amounts of BaO(s) and MgO(s) in a 3.50-L flask containing CO₂(g) at 30.0°C and 750. torr. The solid BaO and MgO in the flask completely reacted to form BaCO₃(s) and MgCO₃(s), respectively. After the reactions to form BaCO₃(s) and MgCO₃(s) were completed, the pressure of CO₂(g) remaining was 225 torr, still at 30.0°C. Calculate the mass of BaO(s) in the initial mixture. (Assume ideal gas behavior).


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Step 1

Number of moles of CO2 in the flask initially is calculated using Ideal Gas equation as follows,

1 atm = 760 Torr

Chemistry homework question answer, step 1, image 1
Step 2

Number of moles of CO2 in the flask after the completion of reaction is calculated using Ideal Gas equation as follows,

Chemistry homework question answer, step 2, image 1
Step 3

BaO and MgO reacts with CO2 to give BaCO3 and MgCO3 respectively.

Hence, number of moles of CO2 reacted is,

Chemistry homework question answer, step 3, image 1

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