Asked Sep 19, 2019

You roll two fair dice, one green and one red.

Find P((5 on green die and 3 on red die) or (3 on green die and 5 on red die)). (Enter your answer as a fraction.)


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The value of P((5 on green die and 3 on red die) or (3 o...


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5 on green die (5 on green die and3 on red die) P and 3 on red die = P or(3 on green die and5 on red die 3 on green die and 5 on red die P(5 on green die) xP(3 on red die)+ P(3 on green die) |xP(5 on red die) 1 1 11 + X X 11 6 6 6 6 1 1 36 36 1 11 18


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