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You want to make 500 ml of an isotonic glucose solution to infuse into a patient. How many grams of glucose do you need? _______g


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The question asks to find the grams of glucose needed (in g) to make 500 ml of an isotonic solution to infuse into a patient.

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Molecular weight of glucose = 180 grams


It is generally known that 5% of glucose is isotonic.

The isotonic solution can be defined as the two solutions that possess the same osmotic pressure across a semipermeable membrane.

The molar concentration is the ratio of a number of moles of solute to the volume of solution (in liters) of the solution. This means that one mole of solute present in one liter of water will produce a solution of 1M.

The Molarity is calculated by the given formula:


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Number of moles of solute Molarity Volume of solution in liter(l)

Step 3

The term 5% glucose is equivalent to the 5 grams of glucose (in 100 mL) of water (or in one liter of water, 50 grams of glucose).

The mo...


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Mass (g) Number of moles Molar mass (g/mol) 50 g 180 g/mol =0.2777 g/mol 0.3 g/mol


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