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You want to obtain a sample to estimate a population mean. Based on previous evidence, you believe the population standard deviation is approximately σ=56.7σ=56.7. You would like to be 98% confident that your estimate is within 1.5 of the true population mean. How large of a sample size is required? Round up to nearest whole number.

n = 


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Step 1

Margin of error, Sample size

Given data

Standard deviation = 56.7

Confidence interval = 0.98

Significance level(α) = 1- 0....


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Ζα Χ σ E = Vn Simplifying the above formula 2 (Zo.02 - 20.9 2 Ζα Χ σ 2 -2.33 x 56.7 2 = 7757.03 7757 1.5 E 2 -2.330 From Excel = NORM.S.INV(0.025)) Zo.02 Zo.01 2


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