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Your friend frequently uses Uber to get around town, and they are curious about the fees they are being charged. They know the cost depends on the distance of the trip. When they went on a 10 mile trip it cost $4.50, and when they went on a 15 mile trip it cost $5.50. a)write an equation to represent cost, c, after m miles. b) how much does Uber charge per mile? c) what does Uber cahrge just for getting in the car(if you don't go anywhere)?


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Step 1

For 10 miles, the cost of the Uber is $4.50.

For 15 miles, the cost of the Uber is $5.50.

That is, for the extra 5 miles, the cost increases by $1.

Therefore, the cost for one mile is,

Step 2

The cost for one mile is $0.2.

Therefore, the cost for 10 miles will be $2, which is the product of 10 and 0.2.

Given that, the cost for 10 miles is $4.50.

That is, the difference of the costs is the additional charge for every uber ride.

Step 3

To check the correctness, we can calculate the cost for 15 miles.

Since the cost per mile is $0.2, the cost for 15 miles is $3.


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