Mathematical Applications for the ...

12th Edition
Ronald J. Harshbarger + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337625340



Mathematical Applications for the ...

12th Edition
Ronald J. Harshbarger + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337625340
Textbook Problem

China shale gas for the years 2013 through2020, the estimated annual production of shale –natural gas in china, in billions of cubic feet, can be approximated by the formula, y = 0.012 ( 1.75 ) t where t is the number of years past 2010(Sourse Sanford C. Bernstein).

(a) What –value corresponds to 2019?

(b) According to the formuala, what is the production in 2019?

(c) What is the production in 2022 if this formula remains accurate?


To determine

The t value corresponding to the year 2019.


Given Information:

The estimated annual production is given by the equation y=0.012(1.75)t.


Consider the equation y=0.012(1.75)t


To determine

To calculate: The production in the year 2019.


To determine

To calculate: The production in the year 2022.

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P-41RECh-0 P-42RECh-0 P-43RECh-0 P-44RECh-0 P-45RECh-0 P-46RECh-0 P-47RECh-0 P-48RECh-0 P-49RECh-0 P-50RECh-0 P-51RECh-0 P-52RECh-0 P-53RECh-0 P-54RECh-0 P-55RECh-0 P-56RECh-0 P-57RECh-0 P-58RECh-0 P-59RECh-0 P-60RECh-0 P-61RECh-0 P-62RECh-0 P-63RECh-0 P-64RECh-0 P-65RECh-0 P-66RECh-0 P-67RECh-0 P-68RECh-0 P-69RECh-0 P-70RECh-0 P-71RECh-0 P-72RECh-0 P-73RECh-0 P-74RECh-0 P-75RECh-0 P-76RECh-0 P-77RECh-0 P-78RECh-0 P-79RECh-0 P-80RECh-0 P-81RECh-0 P-82RECh-0 P-83RECh-0 P-84RECh-0 P-85RECh-0 P-86RECh-0 P-87RECh-0 P-88RECh-0 P-89RECh-0 P-90RECh-0 P-91RECh-0 P-92RECh-0 P-93RECh-0 P-94RECh-0 P-95RECh-0 P-96RECh-0 P-97RECh-0 P-98RECh-0 P-99RECh-0 P-1TCh-0 P-2TCh-0 P-3TCh-0 P-4TCh-0 P-5TCh-0 P-6TCh-0 P-7TCh-0 P-8TCh-0 P-9TCh-0 P-10TCh-0 P-11TCh-0 P-12TCh-0 P-13TCh-0 P-14TCh-0 P-15TCh-0 P-1EAGP1Ch-0 P-2EAGP1Ch-0 P-3EAGP1Ch-0 P-4EAGP1

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