Mathematical Applications for the ...

12th Edition
Ronald J. Harshbarger + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337625340



Mathematical Applications for the ...

12th Edition
Ronald J. Harshbarger + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337625340
Textbook Problem

In problems 15-22, simplify by combining like terms.

x 3 + [ 3 x ( x 3 3 x ) ]

To determine

To simplify: The algebraic expression x3+[ 3x(x33x) ]

by combining like terms.


Given information:

The given algebraic expression is x3+[ 3x(x33x) ].


Remove the internal bracket first and combine the terms as follows:

x3+[ 3x(x33x)

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P-41RECh-0 P-42RECh-0 P-43RECh-0 P-44RECh-0 P-45RECh-0 P-46RECh-0 P-47RECh-0 P-48RECh-0 P-49RECh-0 P-50RECh-0 P-51RECh-0 P-52RECh-0 P-53RECh-0 P-54RECh-0 P-55RECh-0 P-56RECh-0 P-57RECh-0 P-58RECh-0 P-59RECh-0 P-60RECh-0 P-61RECh-0 P-62RECh-0 P-63RECh-0 P-64RECh-0 P-65RECh-0 P-66RECh-0 P-67RECh-0 P-68RECh-0 P-69RECh-0 P-70RECh-0 P-71RECh-0 P-72RECh-0 P-73RECh-0 P-74RECh-0 P-75RECh-0 P-76RECh-0 P-77RECh-0 P-78RECh-0 P-79RECh-0 P-80RECh-0 P-81RECh-0 P-82RECh-0 P-83RECh-0 P-84RECh-0 P-85RECh-0 P-86RECh-0 P-87RECh-0 P-88RECh-0 P-89RECh-0 P-90RECh-0 P-91RECh-0 P-92RECh-0 P-93RECh-0 P-94RECh-0 P-95RECh-0 P-96RECh-0 P-97RECh-0 P-98RECh-0 P-99RECh-0 P-1TCh-0 P-2TCh-0 P-3TCh-0 P-4TCh-0 P-5TCh-0 P-6TCh-0 P-7TCh-0 P-8TCh-0 P-9TCh-0 P-10TCh-0 P-11TCh-0 P-12TCh-0 P-13TCh-0 P-14TCh-0 P-15TCh-0 P-1EAGP1Ch-0 P-2EAGP1Ch-0 P-3EAGP1Ch-0 P-4EAGP1

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