General Chemistry - Standalone boo...

11th Edition
Steven D. Gammon + 7 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305580343

General Chemistry - Standalone boo...

11th Edition
Steven D. Gammon + 7 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305580343


Chapter 1, Problem 1.103QP
Textbook Problem

A cubic box measures 39.3 cm on an edge. What is the volume of the box in cubic centimeters? Express the answer to the correct number of significant figures.

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Chapter 1 Solutions

General Chemistry - Standalone book (MindTap Course List)
Ch. 1.7 - You are working in the office of a precious metals...Ch. 1.8 - The oxygen molecule (the smallest particle of...Ch. 1.8 - A large crystal is constructed by stacking small,...Ch. 1.8 - Using the definitions 1 in. = 2.54 cm and 1 yd =...Ch. 1 - Discuss some ways in which chemistry has changed...Ch. 1 - Define the terms experiment and theory. How are...Ch. 1 - Illustrate the steps in the scientific method...Ch. 1 - Define the terms matter and mass. What is the...Ch. 1 - State the law of conservation of mass. Describe...Ch. 1 - A chemical reaction is often accompanied by...Ch. 1 - Characterize gases, liquids, and solids in terms...Ch. 1 - Choose a substance and give several of its...Ch. 1 - Give examples of an element, a compound, a...Ch. 1 - What phases or states of matter are present in a...Ch. 1 - What distinguishes an element from a compound? Can...Ch. 1 - What is meant by the precision of a measurement?...Ch. 1 - Two rules are used to decide how to round the...Ch. 1 - Distinguish between a measured number and an exact...Ch. 1 - How does the International System (SI) obtain...Ch. 1 - What is am absolute temperature scale? How are...Ch. 1 - Define density. Describe some uses of density.Ch. 1 - Why should units be carried along with numbers in...Ch. 1 - When the quantity 12.9 g is added to 2 1002 g,...Ch. 1 - You perform an experiment in the lab and determine...Ch. 1 - A 75.0-g sample of a pure liquid, liquid A, with a...Ch. 1 - Which of the following represents the smallest...Ch. 1 - Physical and Chemical Changes Say you are...Ch. 1 - a Sodium metal is partially melted. What are the...Ch. 1 - A material is believed to be a compound. Suppose...Ch. 1 - You need a thermometer that is accurate to 5C to...Ch. 1 - Imagine that you get the chance to shoot five...Ch. 1 - Say you live in a climate where the temperature...Ch. 1 - You are presented with a piece of metal in a jar....Ch. 1 - You have two identical boxes with interior...Ch. 1 - Consider the following compounds and their...Ch. 1 - Which of the following items have a mass of about...Ch. 1 - What is the length of the nail reported to the...Ch. 1 - For these questions, be sure to apply the rules...Ch. 1 - You are teaching a class of second graders some...Ch. 1 - A 15.5 g sample of sodium carbonate is added to a...Ch. 1 - Some iron wire weighing 5.6 g is placed in a...Ch. 1 - Zinc metal reacts with yellow crystals of sulfur...Ch. 1 - Aluminum metal reacts with bromine, a red-brown...Ch. 1 - Give the normal state (solid, liquid, or gas) of...Ch. 1 - Give the normal state (solid, liquid, or gas) of...Ch. 1 - Which of the following are physical changes and...Ch. 1 - For each of the following, decide whether a...Ch. 1 - A sample of mercury(II) oxide was heated to...Ch. 1 - Solid iodine, contaminated with salt, was heated...Ch. 1 - The following are properties of substances. Decide...Ch. 1 - Decide whether each of the following is a physical...Ch. 1 - Iodine is a solid having somewhat lustrous,...Ch. 1 - Mercury(II) oxide is an orange-red solid with a...Ch. 1 - Consider the following separations of materials....Ch. 1 - All of the following processes involve a...Ch. 1 - Label each of the following as a substance, a...Ch. 1 - Indicate whether each of the following materials...Ch. 1 - Which of the following are pure substances and...Ch. 1 - Which of the following are pure substances and...Ch. 1 - How many significant figures are there in each of...Ch. 1 - How many significant figures are there in each of...Ch. 1 - The circumference of the earth at the equator is...Ch. 1 - The astronomical unit equals the mean distance...Ch. 1 - Assuming all numbers are measured quantities, do...Ch. 1 - Assuming all numbers are measured quantities, do...Ch. 1 - One sphere has a radius of 4.52 cm; another has a...Ch. 1 - A solid circular cylinder of iron with a radius of...Ch. 1 - Write the following measurements, without...Ch. 1 - Write the following measurements, without...Ch. 1 - Using scientific notation, convert: a 6.15 ps to s...Ch. 1 - Using scientific notation, convert: a 6.20 km to m...Ch. 1 - Convert: a 68F to degrees Celsius b 23F to degrees...Ch. 1 - Convert: a 51F to degrees Celsius b 11F to degrees...Ch. 1 - Salt and ice are stirred together to give a...Ch. 1 - The reaction of oxygen and hydrogen is used to...Ch. 1 - A certain sample of the mineral galena (lead...Ch. 1 - A flask contains a 30.0 mL sample of acetone (nail...Ch. 1 - A liquid with a volume of 8.5 mL has a mass of...Ch. 1 - A mineral sample has a mass of 5.94 g and a volume...Ch. 1 - Platinum has a density of 21.4 g/cm3. What is the...Ch. 1 - What is the mass of a 43.8-mL sample of gasoline,...Ch. 1 - Ethanol has a density of 0.789 g/cm3. What volume...Ch. 1 - Bromine is a red-brown liquid with a density of...Ch. 1 - Sodium hydrogen carbonate, known commercially as...Ch. 1 - The acidic constituent in vinegar is acetic acid....Ch. 1 - The different colors of light have different...Ch. 1 - Water consists of molecules (groups of atoms). A...Ch. 1 - The total amount of fresh water on earth is...Ch. 1 - A submicroscopic particle suspended in a solution...Ch. 1 - How many grams are there in 3.58 short tons? Note...Ch. 1 - The calorie, the Btu (British thermal unit), and...Ch. 1 - The first measurement of sea depth was made in...Ch. 1 - The estimated amount of recoverable oil from the...Ch. 1 - A fish tank is 24.2 in. long, 15.9 in. deep, and...Ch. 1 - The population density of worms in a particular...Ch. 1 - Sodium metal reacts vigorously with water. A piece...Ch. 1 - An antacid tablet weighing 0.853 g contained...Ch. 1 - When a mixture of aluminum powder and iron(III)...Ch. 1 - When chlorine gas is bubbled into a solution of...Ch. 1 - A beaker weighed 50.90 g. To the beaker was added...Ch. 1 - A graduated cylinder weighed 66.5 g. To the...Ch. 1 - Describe each of the following as a physical or...Ch. 1 - Describe each of the following as a physical or...Ch. 1 - Analyses of several samples of a material...Ch. 1 - A red-orange solid contains only mercury and...Ch. 1 - A cubic box measures 39.3 cm on an edge. What is...Ch. 1 - A cylinder with circular cross section has a...Ch. 1 - An aquarium has a rectangular cross section that...Ch. 1 - A spherical tank has a radius of 175.0 in....Ch. 1 - Obtain the difference in volume between two...Ch. 1 - What is the difference in surface area between two...Ch. 1 - Perform the following arithmetic setups and...Ch. 1 - Assuming all of the numbers are measured...Ch. 1 - For each of the following, write the measurement...Ch. 1 - For each of the following, write the measurement...Ch. 1 - Write each of the following in terms of the SI...Ch. 1 - Write each of the following in terms of the SI...Ch. 1 - Tungsten metal, which is used in lightbulb...Ch. 1 - Titanium metal is used in aerospace alloys to add...Ch. 1 - Calcium carbonate, a white powder used in...Ch. 1 - Sodium hydrogen carbonate (baking soda) starts to...Ch. 1 - Gallium metal can be melted by the heat of ones...Ch. 1 - Mercury metal is liquid at normal temperatures but...Ch. 1 - Zinc metal can be purified by distillation...Ch. 1 - Iodine is a bluish-black solid. It forms a...Ch. 1 - An aluminum alloy used in the construction of...Ch. 1 - Vanadium metal is added to steel to impart...Ch. 1 - The density of quartz mineral was determined by...Ch. 1 - Hematite (iron ore) weighing 70.7 g was placed in...Ch. 1 - Some bottles of colorless liquids were being...Ch. 1 - Providing no reaction occurs, a solid will float...Ch. 1 - Platinum metal is used in jewelry; it is also used...Ch. 1 - Ultrapure silicon is used to make solid-state...Ch. 1 - Vinegar contains acetic acid (about 5% by mass)....Ch. 1 - Ethyl acetate has a characteristic fruity odor and...Ch. 1 - Convert: a 8.45 kg to micrograms b 318 s to...Ch. 1 - Convert: a 127 to micrometers b 21.0 kg to...Ch. 1 - Convert; a 5.91 kg of chrome yellow to milligrams...Ch. 1 - Convert: a 7.19 g of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)...Ch. 1 - The largest of the Great Lakes is Lake Superior,...Ch. 1 - The average flow of the Niagara River is 3.50 km3...Ch. 1 - A room measures 10.0 ft 11.0 ft and is 9.0 ft...Ch. 1 - A cylindrical settling tank is 5.0 ft deep and has...Ch. 1 - The masses of diamonds and gems are measured in...Ch. 1 - One year of world production of gold was 49.6 106...Ch. 1 - What are some characteristics of the adhesive used...Ch. 1 - All good experiments start with a scientific...Ch. 1 - What do the various chromatographic separation...Ch. 1 - Describe how gas chromatography works.Ch. 1 - When the quantity 5 102 mg is subtracted from 4.7...Ch. 1 - A 33.0-g sample of an unknown liquid at 20.0C is...Ch. 1 - A 124-g sample of a pure liquid, liquid A, with a...Ch. 1 - On a long trip you travel 832 miles in 21 hours....Ch. 1 - The density of lead at 20C is 11.3 g/cm3. Rank the...Ch. 1 - A 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was...Ch. 1 - Catalytic converters are used in automobiles to...Ch. 1 - The density of liquid water at 80C is 972 kg/m3...Ch. 1 - A 47.0-cm3 sample of ocean water has a density of...Ch. 1 - At 20C liquid gasoline gas has a density of 0.75...Ch. 1 - The figures below represent a gas trapped in...Ch. 1 - An ice cube measures 3.50 cm on each edge and...Ch. 1 - The total length of all the DNA molecules...Ch. 1 - Prospectors are considering searching for gold on...Ch. 1 - A solution is prepared by dissolving table salt,...Ch. 1 - Water and saline (salt) solution have in common...Ch. 1 - When 11.1 g of marble chips (calcium carbonate) is...Ch. 1 - Zinc ore (zinc sulfide) is treated with sulfuric...Ch. 1 - A steel sphere has a radius of 1.58 in. If this...Ch. 1 - A weather balloon filled with helium has a...Ch. 1 - The land area of Greenland is 840,000 mi2, with...Ch. 1 - Antarctica, almost completely covered in ice, has...Ch. 1 - A sample of an ethanolwater solution has a volume...Ch. 1 - You have a piece of gold jewelry weighing 9.35 g....Ch. 1 - A sample of vermilion-colored mineral was weighed...Ch. 1 - A sample of a bright blue mineral was weighed in...Ch. 1 - A student gently drops an object weighing 15.8 g...Ch. 1 - An experimenter places a piece of a solid metal...Ch. 1 - An expected experimental outcome is 37.45 grams....Ch. 1 - The expected outcome for the amount of sugar in a...

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