Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458

Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458


Chapter 1, Problem 14CT
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Why should you use a different password for all websites you access?

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Chapter 1 Solutions

Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017 (Shelly Cashman Series) (MindTap Course List)
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Ch. 1 - Describe the trend of digital device convergence...Ch. 1 - Describe uses of technology in home automation.Ch. 1 - Differentiate between data and information. Give...Ch. 1 - Define the terms, input and output. List several...Ch. 1 - Describe the purpose of a pointing device. Give an...Ch. 1 - List the hardware you can use to input and view...Ch. 1 - Differentiate between memory and storage.Ch. 1 - A computer keeps data, instructions, and...Ch. 1 - Define the term, cloud storage. Describe the types...Ch. 1 - Describe components of a backup plan. How do...Ch. 1 - Describe the Internet. Identify reasons people use...Ch. 1 - Differentiate between the web and the Internet.Ch. 1 - The ___ consists of a worldwide collection of...Ch. 1 - What is a browser? Describe the purpose of a...Ch. 1 - Explain the purpose of an online social network.Ch. 1 - Differentiate between the services and uses of...Ch. 1 - List services of the Internet that facilitate...Ch. 1 - Define the term, malware. List ways you can...Ch. 1 - What privacy risks are involved with using...Ch. 1 - Explain physical and behavioral health risks...Ch. 1 - Describe strategies that support green computing.Ch. 1 - Define the term, software. Software also is called...Ch. 1 - Define the term, operating system. List popular...Ch. 1 - Differentiate between desktop, web, and mobile...Ch. 1 - List the steps involved in installing programs.Ch. 1 - Explain how to locate, install, and run programs....Ch. 1 - Define the term, communications device. List...Ch. 1 - Define the term, hot spot. Give two examples and...Ch. 1 - Describe how homes and businesses use networks.Ch. 1 - Identify issues surrounding accessing an unsecured...Ch. 1 - Explain what occurs when you synchronize computers...Ch. 1 - List ways that schools use technology to enhance...Ch. 1 - Identify how the following industries use...Ch. 1 - Describe how you might use blogs, wikis, and...Ch. 1 - Differentiate among the following technology user...Ch. 1 - Describe how technology is used in the health care...Ch. 1 - Electronic components in computers process data...Ch. 1 - An all-in-one contains a separate tower.Ch. 1 - Smartphones typically communicate wirelessly with...Ch. 1 - Data conveys meaning to users, and information is...Ch. 1 - A headset is a type of input device.Ch. 1 - A scanner is a light-sensing output device.Ch. 1 - Although some forms of memory are permanent, most...Ch. 1 - A solid-state drive contains one or more...Ch. 1 - The terms, web and Internet, are interchangeable.Ch. 1 - One way to protect your computer from malware is...Ch. 1 - Operating systems are a widely recognized example...Ch. 1 - You usually do not need to install web apps before...Ch. 1 - A(n) ______ is any hardware component that allows...Ch. 1 - Which of the following is not an example of an...Ch. 1 - _______ consists of electronic components that...Ch. 1 - ______ is an Internet service that provides remote...Ch. 1 - A computer that delivers requested webpages to...Ch. 1 - A _______ is software that enables users with an...Ch. 1 - _______ uses short-range radio signals to enable...Ch. 1 - A(n) ________ is a collaborative website that...Ch. 1 - all-in-oneCh. 1 - serverCh. 1 - phabletCh. 1 - digital device convergenceCh. 1 - touchpadCh. 1 - storage deviceCh. 1 - solid-state driveCh. 1 - fileCh. 1 - softwareCh. 1 - operating systemCh. 1 - What does it mean to be digitally literate, and...Ch. 1 - What are the different touch screen gestures and...Ch. 1 - What types of keyboards are available for...Ch. 1 - In addition to books, what other digital media can...Ch. 1 - In addition to keeping time, how might you use a...Ch. 1 - Why might a consumer purchase separate stand-alone...Ch. 1 - How can you ease eyestrain while using a computer...Ch. 1 - What types of files might you choose to store on a...Ch. 1 - What steps might you include in a backup plan?Ch. 1 - Why might you choose to use LinkedIn rather than...Ch. 1 - How might you know if your computer or mobile...Ch. 1 - What types of software protect a computer from...Ch. 1 - Why should you use a different password for all...Ch. 1 - How might you know if you are addicted to...Ch. 1 - Why is green computing important?Ch. 1 - What steps can you take to contribute to green...Ch. 1 - What is the difference between system and...Ch. 1 - What are some examples of popular operating...Ch. 1 - How do desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps...Ch. 1 - Where can you obtain programs or apps?Ch. 1 - What does a user interface control?Ch. 1 - What are some popular programming languages?Ch. 1 - Why might you opt for wireless communications?Ch. 1 - In a network, what is the major difference between...Ch. 1 - When should you use a one-way sync or a two-way...Ch. 1 - What type of industries use computer-aided...Ch. 1 - Shopping for Software You are shopping for...Ch. 1 - Bad Directions You are driving to your friends...Ch. 1 - Bank Account Postings While reviewing your...Ch. 1 - Trial Expired You have been using an app on your...Ch. 1 - Problematic Camera After charging your digital...Ch. 1 - Discarding Old Computer Equipment Your company has...Ch. 1 - Dead Battery While traveling for business, you...Ch. 1 - Cannot Share Photos You are attempting to send...Ch. 1 - Incorrect Sign-In Credentials Upon returning to...Ch. 1 - Synchronization Error You added appointments to...Ch. 1 - Technology in Health Care Your primary care...Ch. 1 - Summarize the process you use to sign up for or...Ch. 1 - Which links on the Discovering Computers Facebook...Ch. 1 - Browse Facebook and find at least three other...Ch. 1 - Summarize the process you use to sign up for or...Ch. 1 - Why should you not connect to a wireless network...Ch. 1 - What is the name of the wireless network to which...Ch. 1 - Why might you connect to a wireless network on...Ch. 1 - In addition to your class schedule, what other...Ch. 1 - Many calendar apps have a feature that can remind...Ch. 1 - How can you synchronize the calendar on your...Ch. 1 - How often do you think you should back up your...Ch. 1 - When backing up photos, why might it be better to...Ch. 1 - Compare and contrast three apps or services that...Ch. 1 - Making Use of the Web Informational and Research...Ch. 1 - Social Media Online social networks are a central...Ch. 1 - Search Skills Selecting Search Terms Search text...Ch. 1 - Security Secure IT 1-3 in this chapter offers...Ch. 1 - Cloud Services Cloud Storage (Iaas) Cloud storage...Ch. 1 - Reactions to Software Problems People who use...Ch. 1 - Energy Efficiency Increases in energy prices lead...Ch. 1 - Case Study Amateur Sports League You are the new...Ch. 1 - Recommending Technology Solutions People use...

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