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Chapter 1, Problem 1AC


Physical Science

10th Edition
Bill Tillery
ISBN: 9780073513898
To determine

To determine: The term used for generalizedmental image of an object, from the following options.




Mental picture



Option (c) is correct.



An abstract idea about anything is called concept. The concept can be based on an object, a theorem or a phenomenon.


Reason for the correct option:

To properly understand the things in nature, a rough idea or a plan is needed about that thing. Everything can’t just be understood by just seeing the object. This rough idea or a generalized mental image helps to understand the object or phenomenon properly and is called a concept.

Hence, option (c) is correct.

Reason for the incorrect options:

Option (a) is incorrect because definition is just a statement of an object or phenomenon. It doesn’t give a mental picture of the object. Hence, it is incorrect.

Option (b) is incorrect because the impression is a feeling or opinion about something or someone with a little information about it. So, it also doesn’t require our meet of having a rough image of the object. Hence, it is incorrect.

Option (d) is incorrect because a mental picture can be of any object in a rough way, like the image of a lion is a mental picture. But to gain information from the image, it should be specific and generalized. Hence, it is incorrect.

Hence, options (a), (b) and (d) are incorrect.


Concept is the generalized image of an object in one’s mind by which he/she gains information about the object.

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