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Chapter 1, Problem 1U



11th Edition
Peter H Raven + 4 others
ISBN: 9781259188138




11th Edition
Peter H Raven + 4 others
ISBN: 9781259188138
Summary Introduction


There are varieties of organisms on the earth which are studied by biologists and are characterized on the basis of their emerged properties. These emergent properties define the living organisms as different from the other non-living things.


Correct answer:

The movement is not a peculiar property of living organisms; it can also be shown by non-living things. Therefore, option b. is correct.


Reason for the correct statement:

The movement is a process that is demonstrated by many of the living organisms by the movement of their limbs and muscles, but it is the property that is also exhibited by man-made engines. For example: A car can show movement by changing its place and it is not a living thing.

Option b. is given as “movement”.

As, “movement is not the property of life”, is the right answer.

Hence, option b. is correct.

Reasons for the incorrect statements:

Option a. is given as “energy utilization”

The body of every organism utilizes energy in the form of food, this energy utilized by the organism in various activities; work through in metabolism of the body, so it is a wrong answer.

Option c. is given as “order”

The body of the organism is made up of different types of cells that performs various functions and are assigned to the various organs in the body. This type of complexity is arranged in an orderly fashion in the organisms which is not possible in non-living things. So, it is a wrong answer.

Option d. is given as “homeostasis”

The capability of organisms to maintain the constant temperature within their body which is independent of the any change in the external environment is known as homeostasis. This homeostasis is not applicable on non-living things because they easily get destroyed and damaged on changing the temperature of external environment. So, it is a wrong answer.

Hence, options a., c., and d. are incorrect.


The property of life includes energy utilization, order, and homeostasis, but not movement because it is also exhibited by non-living things also. Therefore, it is not considered as the property of life.

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