Environmental Science (MindTap Cou...

15th Edition
G. Tyler Miller + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305090446



Environmental Science (MindTap Cou...

15th Edition
G. Tyler Miller + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305090446
Textbook Problem

Define natural capital. Define natural resources and ecosystem services, and give two examples of each. Give three examples of how we are degrading natural capital. Explain how finding solutions to environmental problems involves making trade-offs. Explain why individuals matter in dealing with the environmental problems we face. What are three social science principles of sustainability? What is full-cost pricing and why is it important?

To determine

The natural capital. The definition of ecosystem services and the natural resources along with two examples of each. The way in which natural capital is degraded by human beings by giving three examples. The way in which the creation of trade-offs is involved in the process of tackling environment-related problems. The reason why individuals are necessary for the solution of environment-related issues. The three social science principles of sustainability. The full-cost pricing and its importance.


The natural capital can be defined as the critical component that is used for sustainable development. It is a kind of natural service that is very important for keeping the human population alive and is also very beneficial for the economy of human beings.

The natural resources are the energy and materials that are produced by nature for the consumption of human beings. Two examples of natural resources are renewable and non-renewable resources. The ecosystem services can be defined as the natural services that are provided by a healthy ecosystem or nature. Two examples of ecosystem services are renewal of the uppermost topsoil and purification of water and air.

The ways in which human beings are degrading the natural capital are described as follows:

(i) Use of renewable sources more than the required use.

(ii) The overload of water and air system with several types of wastes and pollutants.

(iii) The addition of wastes and hazardous chemicals into the freshwater bodies.

There is a need for involvement of making of tradeoffs for the management of environment-related issues because there is a benefit for both the companies and the environment heads.

For dealing with environmental problems, the role of each individual is important...

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