Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

11th Edition
Steven + 8 others
ISBN: 9781285196145



Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

11th Edition
Steven + 8 others
ISBN: 9781285196145
Textbook Problem

Explain the differences among data, information, and a database.

Program Plan Intro


Input is got from the user through the input device. Input refers to the raw data into a computer system. It is the representation of objects and events which are stored and recorded in the computer. It exists in variety of form such as number, value, variable, and so on.


  • Converting the meaningful form of raw data is called information. These are the processed data that increase the information of the individual using it.
  • Data are useless in their present form so it is preprocessed and represent it as the information to the user.
  • It is converted into the meaningful form during the processing phase of the information processing cycle.


Database is an organized data collection, and every data present is related to each other in some way. It contains the occurrences of data to satisfy the needs of the user in an organization.

Program Explanation

Differences between Data, Information and Database:

Data Information Database
Data is set of variables which are used for describing specific topic. Conversion of raw data to logical or meaningful data is termed as information. Database is an organized or structured form of data...

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