Electric Motor Control

10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781133702818



Electric Motor Control

10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781133702818
Chapter 1, Problem 7SQ
Textbook Problem

Select the best answer for each of the following.

A motor may be controlled remotely or automatically by using a

a. drum controller.

b. thermostat.

c. safety switch.

d. faceplate control.

To determine

Choose the best option that represents the switch, which can be used to control the motor remotely.

Explanation of Solution


The controller is a device or group of devices which control the operation of an electric motor. The apparatus (the connected devices to the controller) can be controlled either by manual or remote control methods.

The remote control is a controller that controls the apparatus automatically without any manual effort. In remote control method, the magnetic or electric switches are used to operate the apparatus by electromagnetic energy. The effort required to actuate the electromagnet is provided by the electrical energy rather than the human effort in manual method of control.

The following are the devices that are used to control the motor remotely or automatically.

  • Float switch
  • Pressure switch
  • Time clock
  • Thermostat
  • Limit switch
  • Interlock

From the explanation, it is clear that, the thermostat is used to control the motor remotely...

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