10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781305967359




10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781305967359
Chapter 1, Problem 8SA
Textbook Problem

____________ is the transmission of DNA to offspring.

a. Reproduction c. Homeostasis
b. Development d. Inheritance

Summary Introduction


The environment is composed of a variety of organisms. These organisms grow and mature to produce their offspring (progenies). This is important to maintain the existence of an organism in the environment.

Explanation of Solution

Reason for correct answer:

Option d. is given as “Inheritance”.

The parent organisms produce offspring to maintain their existence in the environment. They have the capability to transmit important information in the form of DNA to their offspring by a process known as inheritance. It is a process by which, the offspring incorporate DNA from the parent species. DNA is the main controller that guides all the cellular activities. Therefore, the offspring are provided with DNA by their parent organisms through inheritance.

Reason for incorrect answer:

Option a. is given as, “Reproduction”.

The process by which organisms produce their offspring is termed as reproduction. However, reproduction does not involve the transmission of DNA from parent to offspring...

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