University Physics Volume 3

17th Edition
William Moebs + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168185

University Physics Volume 3

17th Edition
William Moebs + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168185
Textbook Problem

A radioactive sample initially contains 2.40 × 10 2 mol of a radioactive material whose half-life is 6.00 h. How many moles of the radioactive material remain after 6.00 h? After 12.0 h? After 36.0 h?

To determine

Number of nuclei of radioactive material after 6 hrs. 12 hrs. And 36 hrs.




Formula Used:

Half-life is the time required to decay half of the original nuclei. It is denoted by T1/2.


The relation between initial and final number of nuclei is given by,

  N=N0eλTwhere,N=Finalnumberofnuclei N0=Initialnumberofnuclei λ=Decayconstant T=Timeduration


The decay constant of radioactive material,


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