Principles of Information Systems ...

12th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
ISBN: 9781285867168



Principles of Information Systems ...

12th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
ISBN: 9781285867168
Textbook Problem

What is the difference between a structured and an unstructured decision? Give several examples of each.

Program Plan Intro

Information system:

  • An information system is a system which provides the necessary information to an organization to achieve the goals.
  • It monitors the transactions details, provides the required information to decision makers, and provides necessary documents to the customers.
  • The main components in the information system are people, data, procedures, hardware, and software.
  • The main function of information system is to accept and process the input data and then stores the retrieved information and distributes it across the organization.
Program Explanation

Difference between structured and unstructured decision:

Structured decisionUnstructured decision
It can be programmed and well defined.It is occasional and unique in nature.
They are repetitive, routine, and involves a defined procedure...
Program Explanation


  • The examples of structured decision are shown below:
    • Operational control:
      • Accounts receivable
      • Order entry
      • Inventory control
    • Management control:
      • Budget analysis
      • Short-term forecasting
    • Strategic control:
      • Tanker fleet mix

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