University Physics Volume 3

17th Edition
William Moebs + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168185

University Physics Volume 3

17th Edition
William Moebs + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168185
Textbook Problem

(a) Calculate the energy released by the fusion of a 1.00-kg mixture of deuterium and tritium, which produces helium. Tire re are equal numbers of deuterium and tritium nuclei in the mixture.

(b) If this process takes place continuously over a period of a year, what is the average power output?

To determine


The amount of energy released by fusion of 1 kg mixture.


The number of deuterium and tritium nuclei are equal in the mixture.

The total energy output is given as the product of the number of reactions and the energy per reaction.

   E=(number of reactions) × (energy per reaction)

Formula used:

The fusionof deuterium and tritium takes place which produces helium.


   The energy per reaction is 17.59 MeV

Mass of deuterium is given as 2.014102u

Mass of tritium H3 is given as 3.016049u

The masses of deuterium and tritium combined gives the following value (2.014102u)+(3.016049u)

  =5.03u per reaction.

Therefore, the mole of reactants has mass value = 5.03 g

   The mole of reactants in 1 kg can be calculated as


The number of reactants taking place in the reaction is calculated by Multiplication of Avogadro's number to the mole of reactant

To determine


To find:

The average power output.

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