Principles of Information Systems ...

12th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
ISBN: 9781285867168



Principles of Information Systems ...

12th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
ISBN: 9781285867168
Textbook Problem

When considering where to locate public resources such as power plants, prisons, and public schools, who should have say in defining the primary constraints for choosing the location?

Program Plan Intro

Problem solving process:

  • The decision making phase of problem solving is been divided into three phases:
    • Intelligence:
      • It denotes first stage of decision making.
      • The potential problems or chances are been defined in this stage.
    • Design:
      • It denotes second stage of decision making.
      • The alternative solutions are been developed to problem and feasibility is evaluated.
    • Choice:
      • It denotes third stage of decision making.
      • It requires choosing a course of action.
  • The problem solving process goes outside decision making and includes other stages too.
  • The stages involved in problem-solving process after decision making is shown below:
    • Implementation stage:
      • It denotes fourth stage of problem-solving.
      •  A solution is been put into effect in this stage.
    • Monitoring stage:
      • It denotes final stage of problem-solving.
      • The decision makers assess implementation.
Program Explanation

Decision on Primary constraints for choosing location:

  • The decision on primary constraints for choosing location of public resources is taken by below shown entities:
    • Government authorities...

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