Principles of Geotechnical Enginee...

9th Edition
Braja M. Das + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305970939



Principles of Geotechnical Enginee...

9th Edition
Braja M. Das + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305970939
Textbook Problem

Refer to Problem 11.11. How long will it take for 85% consolidation to be over in the field? Given: cv = 0.18 cm2/min.

11.11. Refer to Figure 11.47. Estimate the primary consolidation settlement in the clay layer. Given: Δ σ = 105 kN / m 2 , H 1 = 2.2 m , H 2 = 4.4 m , and H 3 = 7.5 m . Soil characteristics are

Sand: e = 0.58; Gs = 2.67

Clay: LL = 49; e = 1.08; Gs = 2.71; σ c = 210 kN / m 2 ; C s = 1 6 C c


To determine

Calculate time taken for 85% consolidation of soil.


Given information:

The coefficient of consolidation (cv) is 0.18cm2/min.

The average degree of consolidation (U) is 85%.

The height of the sand layer 1 (H1) is 2.2m.

The height of the sand layer 2 (H2) is 4.4m.

The height of the clay layer 3 (H3) is 7.5m.

The net applied pressure (Δσ) is 105kN/m2.

The void ratio of sand (e) is 0.58.

The specific gravity of soil solids for sand (Gs) is 2.67.

The void ratio of clay (e) is 1.08.

The specific gravity of soil solids for clay (Gs) is 2.71.

The liquid limit (LL) is 49.

The preconsolidation pressure (σc) is 210kN/m2.


Calculate the time factor (Tv) as shown below.

Refer Table 11.7 “Variation of Tv with U” in the Text Book.

Take the value of Tv as 0.684, for the value U of 85%

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