Chemistry: Principles and Reactions

8th Edition
William L. Masterton + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305079373



Chemistry: Principles and Reactions

8th Edition
William L. Masterton + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305079373
Textbook Problem

Consider the following reaction at 75°C:

3 R ( s ) + 2 Q ( g ) A ( g ) + 5 B ( l ) K = 9.4

A 10.0-L sample contains 0.30 mol of R and Q and 0.50 mol of A and B. In which direction will the reaction proceed?

Interpretation Introduction


The direction of the reaction needs to be determined.

Concept introduction:

For a general equilibrium reaction as follows:


The expression for the equilibrium constant is represented as follows:


Here, to calculate the equilibrium constant, the values of partial pressure of all the species in reactant and product side are required.

The reaction quotient of the reaction is calculated by taking ratio of partial pressure or concentration of species before equilibrium. If the value of Q is more than K, the reaction shifts in reverse direction, if it is less than K the reaction the reaction shifts in forward direction and if the value of K is equal to Q, reaction will not shift and remains the same.


The equilibrium reaction is as follows:


The value of equilibrium constant for the reaction is 9.4 at 75C.

The initial number of moles of R and Q is 0.30 and that of A and B is 0.50 mol. The volume of the sample is 10.0 L.

The concentration of all the species can be calculated as follows:



[A]=[B]=0.50 mol10 L=0.05 mol/L



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