Human Heredity: Principles and Iss...

11th Edition
Michael Cummings
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305251052



Human Heredity: Principles and Iss...

11th Edition
Michael Cummings
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305251052
Chapter 12, Problem 8QP
Textbook Problem

A proto-oncogene is a gene that:

  1. a. normally causes cancer
  2. b. normally suppresses tumor formation
  3. c. normally functions to promote cell division
  4. d. is involved in forming only benign tumors
  5. e. is expressed only in blood cells

Summary Introduction

Introduction: Cancer is caused due to a mutation in the genome of the cells. The mutation can be of different types namely single nucleotide, substitutions, variations in gene copy number, insertions, deletions, and chromosome rearrangements. These variations cause an alteration in the gene sequence that result in the cells to inhibit the property of contact inhibition.

Explanation of Solution

Reason for correct answer:

Proto-oncogenes are the genes that are normally involved in the cell cycle. These genes code for the proteins that help in regulating cell growth and cell division. The protein structure and functioning is altered resulting in cancer due to mutations in these genes.

Option c. is given as “normally functions to promote cell division.”

Proto-oncogenes are the normal genes present in the cell that normally regulate growth and proliferation of the cells. Hence, the correct answer is option c.

Reason for incorrect answer:

Option a. is given as, “normally causes cancer.”

Tumor formation is not the normal function of the proto-oncogenes. These genes cause tumor formation after experiencing mutations...

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