Essentials of Statistics for the B...

8th Edition
Frederick J Gravetter + 1 other
ISBN: 9781133956570



Essentials of Statistics for the B...

8th Edition
Frederick J Gravetter + 1 other
ISBN: 9781133956570
Textbook Problem

A researcher is evaluating customer satisfaction with the service and coverage of two phone carriers. Each individual in a sample of n = 25 uses one carrier for two weeks and then switches to the other. Each participant then rates the two carriers. The following table presents the results from the repeated-measures ANOVA comparing the average ratings. Fill in the missing values in the table. (Hint: Start with the df values.)

Source SS df MS
Between treatments _____ ______ 2 F =_____
Within treatments ______ __________    
Between subjects ______ ______    
Error 12 _______ ________  
Total 23 _______    

To determine

To find: The missing values in the table.


Given info:

The data on customer satisfaction of 2 phone carriers regarding service and coverage has number of individuals in sample, n=25 and number of treatments, k=2.

The available values in the repeated-measures ANOVA table are:

SStotal=23, SSerror=12,   MSbetweentreatment=2.


Formula for N:


The total degrees of freedom (df) is:






Now, mean of squares of a factor w is: MSw=SSwdfw.

Thus, SSw=MSw×dfw

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