Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695



Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695
Textbook Problem

Why should the FCA welds be of substantial length?

To determine

The major safety concerns for FCA welders.


Flux Cored Arc Welding involves ultraviolet light and sparks in its operation. Its major function is to produce welds of high-quality. Slag and welding fumes are generated while running FCA welding. So, proper safety measures should be taken by the welders during FCA welding.

Presence of substantial length of plates is necessary in order to provide enough space to implement the skills required for welding. For making a groove on the surface of the parent metals the thickness should be equal to or more than 3/8-in. Larger thickness plates passed the test of ultimate thickness and therefore suitable for performing FCA welding operations.

To protect the parent metal from the excessive heat and high speed of weld larger plates are used. Plates with length lower than 12mm may fail to produce good quality weld as it turns red when the line of single weld is passed...

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