Introductory Chemistry: A Foundati...

9th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337399425



Introductory Chemistry: A Foundati...

9th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337399425
Textbook Problem

ou seal a container half-filled with water. Which best describes what occurs in the container?

Water evaporates until the air becomes saturated with water vapor; at this point, no more water evaporates.

Water evaporates until the air becomes overly saturated (supersaturated) with water, and most of this water recondenses; this cycle continues until a certain amount of water vapor is present, and then the cycle ceases.

The water does not evaporate because the container sealed.

Water evaporates, and thou water evaporates and recondenses simultaneously and continuously.

The water evaporates until it is eventually all in vapor form.

stify your choice, and for choices you did not pick, explain what is wrong with them.

Interpretation Introduction


If a container is sealed half filled with water then what will happen must be chosen from the options given.

Concept Introduction:

When any liquid is there in a closed container then vapor accumulates above the liquid.


Option a) is correct answer.


Reason for correct option:

When the container is half filed with water then there is vacuum above the water surface. Now to compensate the reduced pressure water stars vaporizing and then the vacuum is saturated with water vapor then no more vaporization takes place further.


Reasons for incorrect options:

Option b) is incorrect as over saturation will not arise. After the air is saturated no more further evaporation takes place.

Option c) is incorrect as it is stating that water will not evaporate due to sealed container.

Option d) is incorrect as it is stating that water evaporates and condenses simultaneously and continuously but it’s not stating about saturation.

Option e) is incorrect as it’s stating that whole water will be converted to vapor which is not possible due to water and water vapor equilibrium.

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