Foundations of Business - Standalo...

4th Edition
William M. Pride + 2 others
ISBN: 9781285193946



Foundations of Business - Standalo...

4th Edition
William M. Pride + 2 others
ISBN: 9781285193946
Textbook Problem

According to material in this section, what are the reasons why people use social media?

Summary Introduction

To determine: The reason on why people use social media.

Introduction: Social Media is the compilation of instruments and online spaces accessible to encourage people and organizations to quicken their data and correspondence needs. Some extremely well known web based life destinations are FB, TW, YB, IG and SC.


The reasons on why people use social media are as follows:

An ongoing Pew internet research investigation demonstrated that more than 66% of online youngster utilize a type of web-based social networking sites, for example, FB, LI, TW, PT, or IT. Keeping in contact with family and companions and reconnecting with old companions are real reasons on the utilization social media.

Different reasons which include associating with other individuals who share interests, making new companions, and perusing remarks by public figures are less imperative. Organizations utilize social media or online networking to interface with clients, tune in to their partners, give another method for customer benefit, create content that is significant to their customers, and connect with customers in product improvement and designing.

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