Management, Loose-Leaf Version

13th Edition
Richard L. Daft
ISBN: 9781305969308



Management, Loose-Leaf Version

13th Edition
Richard L. Daft
ISBN: 9781305969308
Textbook Problem

How might understanding whether an employee has an internal or an external locus of control help a manager better communicate with, motivate, and lead the employee?

Summary Introduction

To Determine:

The way in which understanding an employee's locus of control can help manager to communicate better, motivate and also lead the employee.


Manager is the person who is responsible for handling the resources in such a way that the organization's goals are achieved.

Locus of control this identifies if an individual places the responsibility for his success or failure on himself or on others.


Each person is different in his or her own way. While one could consider oneself as responsible for their failures or successes, some blame others for that. What a person sees as the reason behind the happenings in his or her life is referred to as locus of control. A person can have an internal locus of control or external locus of control.

With an internal locus of control, a person feels that he is responsible for all his deeds. More than luck they believe that their own doings or actions are responsible for whatever is happening. They take things optimistically. They are good problem solvers and can handle tough situations and work towards achieving more and more. As they feel that the results of anything that happens is due to their own actions, they are easy to motivate and work towards achieving greater heights...

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